Josephs review of Beech's teddy chocolates.

The postman brought us a parcel today and it was a big box.

My mummy opened the box and there was loads of chocolate in it! Me and Alice had some chocolate teddy bear ones to try. This is my picture of the teddy bear chocolates.

The box looked pretty good and i like the colours on it, my favourite is the blue bear because he is blue like my favourite power ranger.

This is me with my chocolates, my mummy to a picture of me with them.

I opened the box and the chocolates was shaped like teddy bears which was pretty cool!

My favourite one was the mummy bear with the basket because she looked like my mummy.

Mummy said we could have two each but Alice had three!!

My mummy took this picture of me eating my teddy bears and I took one of Alice eating hers.

She really liked them and I really, really, really, liked them, I liked to bite the heads off and lick the caramel in the middle, they was really yummy. I cant wait to have some more. Thank you for sending me and my sister some chocolate teddy bears to try.


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