My yummy Beech's chocolate review.

My name is Kerry and I am a chocoholic...There I said it! wow, that was hard.

I really am, I can't get enough and I binge, as soon as the hubby and everyone is in bed I'm raiding the cupboards for any chocolate that survived the raid the night before!

When Beech's got in touch asking us to write a review of their new chocolates it was a "hell yeah" from me, would I taste free chocolate and write about it?? YES!!

Beech's chocolates have been made in a factory in Lancashire since the 1920's! All their choccies are made with 100% natural ingredients and their dark chocolate range are suitable for vegans, my sister and her family are vegan so I its great to know I can get them some lush chocolates as a little gift, it's like finding a needle in a haystack finding vegan chocolate!

When the box arrived I got so excited..chocolates!!

I unboxed them, The packaging was really nice, the pastel colours with the wording gave them a classic yet quirky feel!

First to try was the coconut macaroons. Great I love coconut and I bloody love chocolate!

Wow! the only negative view I have on these little bites of heaven are that there wasn't enough of them! So silky and soft, the coconut wasn't hard or chewy and they went down pretty good with a cuppa!!

Next up was the truffles, I was sent two flavours to try, A salted caramel and champagne!

First up was the salted caramel, I wasn't expecting much filling but was pleasantly surprised! The chocolate tasted really milky and smooth, and the cocoa powder really complemented the saltiness of the caramel! I really liked these.

The last box was the champagne truffle and I really did leave the best till last!! I know I'm a lover of chocolate (have I mentioned this?) but I'm not too fussy on "alcohol" flavours, they always taste rather strong and bitter, but wow these are good! The icing sugar that they are coated in seems to give them that extra sweetness. Then comes the centre, you can really taste the champagne but its just right, not too overpowering just soft, creamy and sweet, not bitter in the slightest!

Like I said, I am a little bit of a chocolate snob, I do tend to stay faithful to Cadbury's, but these were really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed them all! (i didn't eat them all in one sitting!) I will definitely be purchasing some of their other ranges, especially the marzipan and vegan ones.

If you are interested in having a taste of these little balls of magic then check Beech's website out here.

My Son also wrote a review on Beech's chocolate teddy bears, they were a hit. Read his post here

Thanks for reading.