Flamborough Head.

This place is like my second home its were I feel calm and stress free. I often really yurn for a holiday with sun, sea and sand but a cheeky 3 night break to Flamborough soon makes it all better again! On a sunny day this place reminds me of Greece! Blue waters and white chalk cliffs, the sound of seagulls and the sea is so calming. My family have been taking holidays every year at the caravan park half a mile up from the beach for 60+ years. My children love the campsite and our little days out to the beach, playing in the caves and searching for crabs in the rock pools.

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  1. This looks beautiful, I'd rather a lovely holiday in the UK than anywhere else right now

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Beautiful picture. I have a thing for colourful wooden boats, and this one looks like it's ready to head out to sea.

  3. Lovely photo. Worth a click to make it bigger :)


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