Why we are going thrifty this month.

Since been a teenager earning my own money, I have always been rubbish at saving...like really, really rubbish! As soon as I have money I feel the need to spend it! Since the kiddies have come along money doesn't seem to get us as far as it used to, 2 extra mouths need feeding their bodies to clothe and don't get me started on toys/magazine spends when we do our weekly shop!

I go out for the day and as soon as I see a bargain store like "Home bargains or BnM" I'm in....twenty minutes later I leave with a bag of crap and my purse is £20+ down. Now, these stores are great when you have a list of things you actually need like cleaning products, toiletries etc but I will literally walk around filling my trolley up with shit just because it is cheap. Last week I bought a candle just because it was £3 cheaper than it is in Asda.........It is sat in my junk draw as I write this!

I need to get this money spending under control, I just waste it.

Now if you know me you know I love my holidays! I need one, once a year. Since we have been going to Orlando, Florida the holidays have gone from every year to every other year, then we had children. We took Joseph when he was three and haven't had a holiday since! (three years) My body needs to feel the heat, and my mind needs the excitement that comes with the booking and the countdown!

We are in no position at the moment to just go and book a holiday (mainly because of me and my money spending!) The hubby has said we can go as soon as we have paid a few of our debts off, you know the usual credit card shite....So this month I am on it!!

We had our monthly statement through and really studied it, wow we really do waste money. We have been saying we have to pull our belts in for years now and truthfully we do know we waste it, we aren't stupid but it's time now to grow up and start spending wisely, I'm sure we are not the only family to spend within their means. I sometimes think why buy the smart price beans if we can afford the Branston?? I should be thinking I'll buy the smart price beans so we can book a nicer hotel on holiday!

**I know changing to cheap beans wont get me on holiday but every penny counts ey!!

I haven't changed any bills over to new suppliers since moving out of my parent's house 9 years ago! We can afford to pay what we do so let's just leave it at that...When we could get them cheaper! This will be changing.

My plan is to only spend what we need on shopping if I go for milk this is all we will be getting as opposed to going for milk and coming out with biscuits, magazines, cakes, and freezer stuff we don't need! We will be stopping eating out so much and wasting money on takeaways when we have a fridge/freezer and a cupboard full.
I'm going to shop around for different things rather than getting everything from one supermarket, for example, yoghurts/dairy from Herons, cleaning stuff from bargains etc. Who knows I may even get into the whole voucher thing!

Well see how we get on this month and I'll write a post on how we did at the end of the month. Hopefully, we will be one step closer to that Disneyworld holiday.

Wish us luck.

Do you have any money-saving tricks you could share with us?





  1. Saving money when you have littles is hard! I hope you get on ok! #TriumphantTales

  2. I'm the same as you, I save as much money as I can ready for any emergencies or holidays we want to go on. All my food comes from Lidl and I also bootsale buy too, you can pick up quite a lot from there!

    I hope you save loads and enjoy a nice holiday away ��

  3. Opps forgot to say I found you on #triumphanttales baby brain lol x

    1. haha I know that feeling I still have it 21 months later!!

  4. I used to be so good with money and hubby is really bad but now he's gotten better and ive gotten worse!! hahaha! even still we've managed to fund a wedding and 9 months maternity leave! If you focus it can be done!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

    1. yes! it seems to be ok when you actually have something to pay for, that's why I think we should book a holiday with a deposit and then we would have to save!

  5. i physically withdraw the money i have budgeted to spend for the month in actual cash, i find being able to see it, helps it last longer and stops on impulse purchases. i don't need to do this but I get alarmed some months at what I actually spend by using our local supermarket (Waitrose) rather than going a little further to Carrefore

    1. I have done the same thing this month, I never ever carry cash and its a real downfall, I must admit its only been a week but I have double the amount left for shopping than I usually do if I shop with my card!

  6. I use cash. I do a budget and then allocate the actual hard cash into separate envelopes. That way if you don't have enough on you, or you didn't take enough with you, you don't buy the crap, only the essential. Also make use of the reward schemes at supermarkets etc.

  7. Popping back from #Blogstravaganza, thanks so much for linking! xx

  8. Good luck, and hoping to read about that Disneyworld holiday on your blog soon😉

  9. Home Bargains is my Nemesis too! Love it in there. Also the middle isle to our local Aldi! Need to cut back too, although we are moving house soon, so have stopped buying rubbish until we move - then will get back into the full swing again no doubt!!!


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