My Favourite movies.

I love a good movie! There is nothing better then getting the kids in bed, relaxing in a bath and then getting the sugary shit out of the cupboard and settling down for a movie!

I love watching them in the bed but if you didn't know I'm married to the 6ft 4 version of "grumpy" so we have to watch them uncomfortably on the sofa!

Now I'm a little strange when it comes to "taste" as I really don't have one! I love all the Die hard, marvel movies, Jurassic world!! LOVE IT, but then I also love the Disney classics like Cinderella, Little mermaid and Beauty and the beast! My all time favourite movie is Dirty dancing!! yes its one of those films that actually makes me giddy to sit down and watch! As I mentioned before the 6ft 4 "grumpy" refuses to watch it with me, which I think makes him a massive A-hole but hey that's another post for another time....maybe one that needs parental permission on it! He's dragged me to cinema to sit through Steve Seagal movies!! yes you heard that right STEVEN SEAGAL!!?? Haven't you got to be an actor to be in a movie?? obviously not!!

So less of the babbling more of the movies.

Here is my top 10 favourite movies.

10- The colour purple.
9- Cinderella
8- Diehard (its got to be the first one!)
7- Little mermaid (yes I'm really a 6 yr old Disney princess, hiding in a 31 yr olds knackered body! ) 
6- Jurassic World.
5- Iron man.
4- Schindler's list
3- Beauty & the beast
2- Shawshank Redemption

So there you have I my top 10 movies and I think "grumpy" has sat with me through 3 of them! Can you guess which 3??

Thanks for reading.