My mummy, daddy and Alice.

Josephs chosen picture this week is a photo he took when we went to the Bridge park, we love it here as it is such a nice walk on a lovely day. I'll hand you over to the main man himself.

We went to the Humber bridge park and we walked through the woods and I played stick fighting with my Daddy, it was loads and loads of fun. I think I won the stick fight.

This is a picture I took of my mummy, daddy and Aggis. I also took a picture of a snail and a lighthouse then we played in the park for a little bit. It was lots of fun!

Joseph. (5)

Thank for reading guys. #childseyeview


  1. He's a very good photographer for 5 years old! It's a lovely photo :) I'd be impressed with that from an adult lol. #Childseyeview

  2. I know he really is! He has always loved cameras though so I'm starting to think he's a little bit of a natural!

  3. What a beautiful family we are lol

  4. He takes better pictures than me after about 50 attempts! lol , well done!!!


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