Why i think pop videos need to be watershed!

Wow.....just wow. I have just witnessed a very scary, crazy, unbelievable sight!

A girl band whose main audience are young children aged (8-12) dressed in outfits that prostitutes would be ashamed to wear, gyrating against their male dancers!!

Now its totally each to their own and parents that think this is ok for their children to watch then that is up to them, but Jesus no!!

What example is this setting?

Young woman dressed in skimpy clothes that barely cover their breasts and skirts so short that you can actually see their underwear underneath!

That's not really the main issue here though, it's the men behind them bending them over and pretending to "fuck them" yes I'm going to use that word because why not, it's shocking and so is the way that this is made to seem normal!!

This is what is happening and is shown to the children in the audience, some as young as 5!!!

Why is there a watershed on tv that protects our children from hearing the words "fuck" or "bastard" but they can sit and watch their "idols" getting dry humped acting like sexual objects to their male dancers and its all ok???

I most certainly know what I'd rather have my children subjected too!

If this is the way these people are "entertaining" then they need to start putting an age restriction on their concerts and music videos because it's wrong! This way of entertaining doesn't make it "more" entertaining it just makes it more suitable for an older audience, but when their main audience is CHILDREN then surely their performances should reflect this!? I'm not asking for them to be wearing Peppa pig costumes whilst singing "wheels on the bus" but just cover up and dance without everything been so sexualized!

I'm 31 and I don't find a woman been bent over and pretending to fuck the floor any more entertaining than I do seeing a woman eat an apple whilst painting her ceiling!!

It seems so much more acceptable when it's the music industry, Amanda Holden has just had 400 complaints because her outfit choice just covered her nipples on Britains got talent...Yes, it was very revealing but did Simon Cowell bend her over the table and make her shake her arse in his face?  No, because I'm sure that would have been branded "unsuitable for children"

I have young children and I will be protecting them from the so called "idols" that are girl/boy bands for as long as I can, they will have to put up with "the wheels on the bus" for a little longer!

**Last night I watched Arianna Grande perform for "One Love Manchester" Now she played this concert for the people that was involved in the Manchester terror attacks last week, She was Fully clothed, massive oversized jumper and jeans, people have reacted to it like I have never seen before, they loved it and everyone is calling her an inspiration... Do people still think we need to see them half naked, shaking their arses to be classed as "entertainment"




  1. Great post. You are right, its very hard to shield kids from this sort of thing. Its a shame that women are still being portrayed in this way.

  2. Completely agree! I have a 16 year old son, as well as younger daughters and some of the videos accompanying the music he likes are verging on pornography. I won't let him watch them when his younger siblings are in the room. Gone are the days when the video used to tell a story! #triumphanttaales

  3. I LOVED what Ariana Grande was wearing at the concert - living proof that you don't have to be half undressed to be cool and classy and gorgeous. x #TriumphantTales

  4. Little man loves Little Mix and I must say some of their outfits AND their album songs are pretty out there. For now he's too young to get it but when he does I'll be reconsidering him watching their stuff.
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  5. I'm so sick of seeing young women flaunting their bodies around on tv. I get that it's their 'choice'(that's the line anyway, isn't it) but it's not what the songs about half the time! Whoever came up with 'if you got it, flaunt it' needs a word. Why is EVERYTHING 'sexy'?! And I use inverted commas because it's not sexy is it? I'd better stop because I think I could go on and on and on haha!

  6. I watched Christina Aguillera's Dirrrty and had to turn it off because I realised how inappropriate it was for my kids to see. Never even considered it before :( #triumphanttales

  7. I totally agree with you, it makes me feel really uncomfortable watching these videos. My daughter is starting to be interested in pop music and I think I know the band you are talking about, they are so talented and can perform live with amazing voices so why oh why the sexual inappropriateness? Hats to Ariana Grande, jumper and pants all the way x

  8. I'm in favour of bringing back Mary Whitehouse, I don't see the need to expose our children to things like this, intact I'd rather not see half naked men and women in advertising, tv, pop concert, i just don't see the point in it at all #triumphanttales


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