Josephs snap chat photos.

Joseph finished school today for the summer holidays, year one has flown by so quick and my little boy is growing up every day!! 
He was meant to write this post for our Linky but he has fallen to sleep so I thought I would share them with you all. Joseph loves having a little play around with snap chat and these are the amazing, funny snaps he caught! I love the way I can hear him giggling when he's doing them! 

I mean really?? How bloody cute is this one!! 

"Mammy...Mammy, can we have a photo together?" 

His mouth really is this big! (well it certainly feels like it when he's throwing a huge tantrum!)

These photo's will be added to the other 567849 snap chats he has taken! 

Does your child like to play with snap chat? 

Thanks for reading. 



  1. We're big fans of snapchat in our household too! Lily loves all the filters on it, and William just likes to see his face (vain child.. haha) #childseyeview x


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