Vegan marzipan chocolate drops.

Since becoming vegan I was really worrying about what Chocolate treats I would be able to have, so I started thinking of little things that I could make myself seen as though buying kit kats and wagon wheels was now a thing of the past!

Now these little bites of perfection are THE easiest things to make and I'm going to tell you how!

All you need are two things....A pack of Marzipan and a bar of Dark chocolate.

Take the bar of yumminess (aka marzipan) roll it out and cut small pieces out to dip into the chocolate, I made pretty thick ones as I love, love, LOVE marzipan! 

Then take the dark chocolate and place in a bowl over a hot pan of water, add 3 tables spoons of any diary free milk (I used Almond milk) then keep staring as it melts.

After the chocolate has all melted take each marzipan piece and dip it into the chocolate and then place onto a cooling rack and place in the fridge.....

After an hour take them out and enjoy! 

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