How to make a vegan Cherry Bakewell.

Hi guys,

I'm so into my vegan baking at the moment and this week I have been making Cherry bakewells!! Since becoming vegan there are obviously a lot of cakes I don't eat anymore and I hate to think we are depriving ourselves of lovely treats, So when my sister came up with this little wonder I had to make them myself! They are so good and are a huge favourite in our house!

For this recipe you will need.

Tray bake baking tray.
160g of self raising flour.
160g Ground Almonds.
160g Sugar.
2 tsp of Almond essence.
150ml lukewarm water.
180ml Oil.
A handful of flaked almonds.
A pack of short crust pastry. (I buy mine from Asda)
Jam (You can use as little or as much jam as you like, I use 3 tbsp, as I like quite a bit of jam in mine.

First Take your pastry and roll it out into your tray bake, prick a few holes in the pastry with a folk and place into the oven on 150 for around 15 mins or until lightly golden.

Take out the oven and spread the jam on111 top on the pastry ( Remember use as much as you want, depending on how "jammy" you like it)

The we need to mix the tart ingredients. Take the flour, Ground almonds and sugar and slightly mix with a spoon. Then in goes the wet ingredients, Oil, water and essence then mix it all up together.

Pour the mixture over the pastry and jam, sprinkle a hand full of Flaked almonds and the pop in the oven to bake on 150 for around 20/25 mins or until golden brown.

When cooled sprinkle with some icing sugar and then sit back and enjoy! 

If you want to see anymore yummy vegan treats then here's the link to a chocolate cheesecake I made here. Or maybe some Marzipan chocolate drops.

Do you have any vegan sweet recipes? 

I would love to see them.

Thanks for reading 

K x


  1. Ooh they sound lush! Lovely photos too!

  2. I actually love to make vegan/healthy chocolate covered "caramels". It's super easy to make, delicious, and secretly a healthy snack! I'm happy to share the recipe if you are interested.


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